how my process works


If you are interested in hiring us to create your prototype with, please acquaint yourself with the following steps:

Step1: Fill Out the Project Enquiry Form

The best way for us to understand what you project is about is for you to fill out the handy project enquiry form available here on my website. This is the place where you can tell us all about your project. You can also upload documents and graphics that show your designs and screens as well. I highly recommend that you spend time determining exactly what you want us to prototype. We can design your prototype for you as well as work with you to achieve a design but it will cost more.

The more detail you can provide us about your project the better as it eliminate confusion and will save you money. All of this information will give me a chance determine your needs and how I can help build the best possible prototype for you.

Step 2: Our Analysis of your Project

After you have uploaded all of your project’s information using my project enquiry form, we will review all of the information and determine if we can help you. If we have more questions we will contact you via email. Once we know enough about your project, we will email you within 24-48 hours with our answer.

Step 3: Schedule a 30 Minute Meeting

Once we have determined that we understand your needs and can help you achieve your goals with your prototyping project, we will need to schedule a meeting either via telephone or Skype. This meeting can be up to 30 minutes long. At this meeting, you can tell us additional details about your proposed project. We will be available for questions as well as being able to give you additional insights into the prototyping process.

After reviewing all of your designs and materials, researching your project and then meeting with you, we may have additional questions. They will be sent via email.

If you require me to sign a mutual NDA before the meeting, I have one for download here. Please download it, review it, sign it, can it, and email it back to me.  I will do the same and email you my signed copy.

Note: if additional time is required for a meeting, then we will need to schedule it. I charge a fee of $75 US per hour consulting fee for any additional meetings.

Step 4: Our Fees

By this time, we should have a good knowledge of your project. We will present you with a service quote that will give you an itemized cost of everything that needs to be done to complete your prototype and included will be a timeline for milestones for your project.  Also within the service quote are some conditions and limitations that are important for you to read as well as payment expectations.

Upon reviewing the service quote you can either accept or decline the quote. If you decline, you can send us an email letting me know what changes you would like me to make to the quote.

Step 5: Services Agreement

If you accept the service quote, we will draw up a service agreement between you and our company. You will need to review, sign and scan this and send it back to us in Adobe PDF format.

For us to commence work on your project, we require that you send us 50% of the total fee in US funds. Upon delivery of the final prototype, you have 7 days to send us the remaining 50% of project cost in US funds.

Please contact us you have any questions about our process.

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